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After 20 years experience, here are some tips 

  ORGANISING your first ever party event

 Depending on the age of the children, will depend on the amount of time you require to run your event, also you are the best person to know what entertainment your Chloe or Emily, Jack or Harry would like, there is such a variety of party entertainment out there for all tastes and budgets.

  • A party where the birthday child or the majority of the group are 4 years and under should run no longer than 90 minutes. This amount of time will allow you for arrival of guests, some entertainment if required or games and play, food, and birthday cake and the children will leave after having a good time and not overly tired.

  • A party where the children are 5 years and above, 2 hours is ample time to include arrival of guests, entertainment or party games, food and birthday cake.

  • If you have chosen a theme, maybe some themed party craft to get the party started
  • If you have hired a jumping castle and Sali Splat, please note that the jumping castle will be deflated while the The Bubble Magic Show is being performed, I have learnt over the many years that I cannot compete with a jumping castle.

The important thing is you want all your guests to have enjoyed themself and leaving wanting more.


If you are on a tight budget, it doesn’t mean that your child has to go without having some entertainment at their party

  • Find out in your mothers group or child’s class if anybody else is planning a party around the same time and see if they would like to share the cost of a party, generally the same children would be invited to both parties.

  • If you have siblings who have birthdays close together and a maximum of 2 years apart, it is also an idea to share the party, however it is always good to make sure the entertainment is targeted so that the younger sibling is included in what is organised.

    What time to schedule my party?

The best time to organise your party is around a time that children would usually have food, whether it is morning tea, lunch or early tea, this means that your effort to prepare food will not go to waste.

Please refrain from feeding the children through my show itself, this is very distracting for myself while performing and the children, the Bubble Magic Show is about building the anticipation and excitement to stand inside a bubble . Ideally have a time before or after the show for a designated food time, this is also a good way for children to concentrate on the great food that you have prepared.

  • Ideal times: Mornings between the times of 10am and 1pm or  afternoon 3pm and 5.30pm. If you are organising a family event wedding/christening booked in the evening,  it is advisable to have the show finished by 7.30pm, children get tired.

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