About Party Shows

Read below the choices of show to suit all ages 

Please note these shows are

not SUITABLE for outdoor venues AND PARKS


  • The shows are fully self contained I recommend to have food/snacks before or after the show, this helps with  the suspense, excitement and continuity for the build up to the giant bubbles
  • My performance space is 2×2.5 meters and then children sitting on the floor in front or arched around me, however I will fit in to whatever space you have available.
  • I bring floor coverings, so no need to worry about floors and carpet.
  • Your first time organising a party? Check out my Tips, Ideas & FAQ page

The Bubble Magic Show

Suitable for 2yrs+ children and young adults with special needs and gatherings with a wide range of children ages (I have even done the show for senior citizens group).

 A 45 minute show of amazing bubble tricks, creating colourful visual bubbles and GIGANTIC bubbles, with story telling a little science and interaction putting them inside a huge big soapy bubble. The Bubble Magic Show works better inside as I make bubbles 1.5 – 2 metres tall, so any little breeze pops them and I want your children to experience the best bubble show ever.


SPLAT SHOW 1 HOUR                         
Suitable for 4yrs+ 

The hour show starts with some party music for dancing before commencing in to the Bubble Magic Show. Ideal for birthday parties and Christmas parties.



THE BUBBLE WORKSHOP Suitable for 6+ages and maximum of 15 per workshop

The workshop is more interactive and great for slightly older children, if you are inviting less   than 15 children to your event, this could be ideal.
The children get to have a more hands on experience making square bubbles and Caterpillar      bubbles. 
Make their own BIG bubbles with straws and string and finally get to put each other inside the giant soapy bubble.
Lots of fun and cheap to maintain for future activities at home 

Customised Events and shows

This is suitable for shopping malls, school fairs and fetes. More information upon request and in some cases this can be performed outside
All show prices depend on length, amount of children and travel/parking involved. Available   365 days of the year (366 on a leap year!)
Just contact through the contacts page or 0412 811 647


Contact Sali Splat 

Email info@salisplat.com   Mobile 0412 811 647